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Hello Guys, I just ordered a few things from ... and felt like sharing my old and new experiences with you guys of vitamins and other important items that are now available with You cannot imagine how much I enjoy this online store and with every order, I learn to love it more and more. For the new guys, you must be wondering what is so great here... Serious people who take this hobby very seriously would be able to connect to me ... Earlier, a few years say 4 5 years back, I had to order Prime pack. I called a certain guy in Lahore who asked me to submit money in his account and the product will be delivered. It took him 4 months to deliver the product as he was collecting money from everyone and later ordered after having advance in his hand. I have had numerous trips to college road in my city to pick up crappy local products that I may have needed for my birds. I have many a times been forced to compromise on a vitamin as the local dealers here used to buy just one pack and sale them open and in shopping bags where as I was ready to buy a bigger pack of 500gms or more at times but no availability. With birdsplanet, I am happy... why? I can visit the website, click the products I want and submit. I transfer the money online and once done, I sms @Naz about the products and payment. The next morning the product is at my door step. I have purchased almost everything from birdsplanet starting from Nekton ranging but not limited to Zebra Finch breeding boxes, Java nesting material, water drinkers, seed hoppers, iodine blocks and anything that I might have needed, not to forget Dog leashes and feeding bowls. The reason I shifted? Every freaking day, my city gets more and more crowded. The raising fuel prices, parking problems. When calculated, I realized that I was spending more on gas and petrol while shopping for products then the discount I was availing. Now, I get the products on a lesser price, I usually make it a point to order above 1000 to avail free shipping and I do not waste time roaming around the city. With this idiotic Metro Bus project going on in Rawalpindi, it has almost made impossible for anyone to roam around the city. The rush, the broken roads and everything... it has destroyed anything and everything for me when I go out in my car. Consider this a testimony from someone who calculated the rates, checked discounts, checked time saving and effort and then realized, ordering from is far cheaper compared to going out and buying something for yourself. Regards, Adeel Raja "

Adeel Raja

Average Rating:

Adeel Rajaa Rawalpindi 03:29:08 04-22-2014