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Puppy Milk

Brand: Versele-Lage
Product Code: 460349
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Puppy Milk

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Artificial milk feed for dogs. Oropharma Puppy Milk is a complete milk substitute for your pups. Milk is of vital importance to pups during the first weeks of life. Puppy Milk contains easily digested dairy products and is enriched with essential omega-3 fatty acids and taurine. Omega-3 fatty acids are positive fatty acids that help in the regulation of the immune system. This increases the natural resistance of the pups and reduces the likelihood of allergies. The added amino acid taurine is important for the development of healthy pups. The  composition of Puppy Milk closely approaches the composition of mother's milk. Puppy Milk is recommended for orphaned or abandoned pups, pups from a very large litter, as an aid to weaning and as a dietary supplement for nursing animals.

Directions for use

    Mix 200 g of Puppy Milk with 1 liter of warm water (38°C).
    The fist two weeks it is recommended to bottle-feed the pups;
    from the third week on teach the pups to drink from a dish (always clean the dish after use).
    If the mother doesn't produce enough milk, pups should be given a supplement of Puppy Milk.
    If the milk production of the mother is insufficient, it is advisable to give her some Puppy Milk,
    either dissolved in water, or scattered on her food: 2 to 20 g Puppy Milk per day (depending
    on the number of puppies and the lactation). Increase the quantity of Puppy Milk gradually.

    The use of clean, sterile material for the preparation is recommended.
    Readymade Puppy Milk can be kept for a maximum of 24 hours in the fridge.

Rationing table
 Age of     Meals     Ration per meal     Ration per meal     Ration per meal    
 the pup     a day     Small breeds     Medium breeds     Large breeds    
 1 - 2 days     8     12 ml     17 ml     21 ml    
 3 - 7 days     6     21 ml     33 ml     42 ml    
 8 - 16 days     5     33 ml     50 ml     75 ml    
 > 16 days     4     67 ml     75 ml     125 ml    


Analytical constituents
 Protein      28     %
 Fat content      34     %
 Crude ash      6,50     %
 Crude fibre      0,20     %
 DHA      0,05     %
 Nutritional additives              
 Vitamin A      55.000     IU/kg
 Vitamin D3      4.410     IU/kg
 Vitamin E      154     mg/kg
 Vitamin C      264     mg/kg
 Vitamin K1      17,74     mg/kg
 D-pantothenate calcium      47,44     mg/kg
 Vitamin B1      17,6     mg/kg
 Vitamin B2      70,4     mg/kg
 Vitamin B6      26,4     mg/kg
 Vitamin B12      0,12     mg/kg
 Niacin      352     mg/kg
 Biotin      0,66     mg/kg
 Folic acid      6,46     mg/kg
 Choline      285,46     mg/kg
 DL-methionine      400     mg/kg
 Taurine      1.000     mg/kg
 E1 - Iron (iron sulphate heptahydrate)      49,8     mg/kg
 E2 - Iodine (potassium iodide)      1,98     mg/kg
 E4 - Copper (cupric sulphate pentahydrate)      10     mg/kg
 E5 - Manganese (manganese sulphate monohydrate)      99,2     mg/kg
 E6 - Zinc (zinc sulphate heptahydrate)      89,82     mg/kg

 Milk and by-products      
 Derivatives of vegetable origin      
 Fish oil      

  Buckets 400g and  1,6 kg     (4 x 400 g pack)

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